“Local Color” captures the unique qualities that make up the particular character of Savannah, Georgia’s local community. This community is integral to the identity of Savannah, but is not always readily thought of or appreciated. It is full of heart and soul, as it processes a sense of individualism among the houses, businesses and establishments. This series aims to document this side of Savannah, both aesthetically, and in terms of it’s social landscape and culture.

Color plays an important role in this documentation, as it is descriptive of the bright, vibrant color palette that can be seen throughout the city, consisting primarily of reds and blues, as well as pastel colors. Cars and signs are both reoccurring motifs that arise throughout the series, the former speaking to the car culture that is prevalent, the latter serving as physical hints of time and place. 

Gentrification is an underlying concept that guides the work. As Savannah undergoes constant change, Local Color pays tribute to the parts of the city that remain untouched.


Captured on 4x5 and 8x10 color negative sheet film•

All photos © Caroline M Bailey. All Rights Reserved.