In a city like Hong Kong, with a population of more than seven million people, everything is busy, crowded and fast paced. It’s easy to let the details slip by and let passing faces reside in your peripheral vision. But as soon as you slow down and pay attention, you notice the amount of unique and interesting people that surround you. These photographs capture the people of Kowloon in daily life. Every photograph included was shot with the subjects permission and involved interaction between photographer and subject, at the time of capture. This work is about people and making connections..

In street photography, and when shooting strangers you put together little details to try to form an idea or perception of someone. To reflect this way of seeing and thinking, a  combination of one portrait and a layout, consisting of details that help depict the context of this person and their environment, were used. Both visually and conceptually, this project is about stringing together little pieces that don't necessarily form the whole picture.


Captured on 35mm color negative film

All photos © Caroline M Bailey. All Rights Reserved.