A Day in Macau

Last Saturday I went to Macau for a day with a tour given by an architectural history professor at my college. It was a very interesting experience as it has a unique blend of cultural influences. Macau is of course a Special Administrative Region of China, however it was once administered by the Portugal. Because of this Macau has many Portuguese and Chinese attributes. There are both traditional Chinese temples such as Ama Temple, and numerous cathedrals and churches. The city's architecture is also a mix of these countries traditions with old Chinese dwellings, modern high rises and European style cathedrals, pavement and tiles. Though Macau is rapidly becoming known for casinos and gambling, it is also home to many world heritage sites. Overall, it is a very interesting and unusual place. Going there I saw beautiful temples and churches and experienced everything from eating yummy egg waffles, to witnessing the ever-present selfie culture.