Food: Trying New Things

Fried Dumplings

Before & After

We went to a little cafe/restaurant to have coffee and a snack and ordered some fried dumplings of some kind. We still aren't sure what kinda of meet was inside but it was pretty tasty.

Street Food

I was feeling particularly adventurous so when I passed a street food stand in Sham Shui Po I decided to be brave and try something I've never had before and that in any other scenario I wouldn't eat. I saw fried octopus and thought that was the right level of different. When trying to pay I gave them too much money and due to the language barrier we couldn't communicate the proper amount so she just put a punch of different kinds of food into a bag and gave it to me. So other than the fried octopus I have no idea what else I ate. Upon some speculation I think one of the items might have been fish balls though they had the taste of onions but a completely different consistency. The other foods in the bag I have absolutely no clue as to what they were. As someone who is a very picky eater I was worried I wasn't going to be too fond of any of the food I was trying but as it turns out I actually liked everything in the mystery bag, especially the octopus and possibly fish balls. The octopus had a surprisingly normal, not chewy texture and didn't taste fishy.

Working my way up to this...

Flattened, dried squid.

At some point before I leave Hong Kong I want to try these flattened, dried squids that I see everywhere in different forms but I think I need to work my way up to it.