The Washout

Folly Beach June '16

Just got a roll of film developed from a day I spent in my favorite place earlier this summer. A storm rolled in over the ocean, making for a beautiful, dramatic landscape. 

With the intense weather this place finally looked as special and important as it truly is to me.

Having grown up moving every 3 years for most of my life I had amazing experiences but I didn't have much in my life that was consistent. My surroundings were always changing and I lacked a true sense of "home". However, almost every summer since I was little we would spend at least a week or two renting a house at the Washout in Folly Beach, SC. This place has served as almost an emotional sanctuary to me. It was one of the only places that was and still is a constant in my life; a place full of family, happy childhood memories, beautiful scenery, sun and moments spent floating peacefully in the waves. This place never fails to provide me with those moments that make you feel intensely content - that make you feel small in the face of the immense beauty of the world.