Savannah, Georgia is both a popular tourist destination and a student city (home to the Savannah College of Art and Design). Thoughts of Savannah bring to mind images of historic buildings, tourist streets and big parks, full of oak trees, draped in Spanish moss. But this is just one side. Another part of the city is often overlooked - the local scene.

Making up a large portion of Savannah’s local demographic, the African-American community contributes largely to the feel of authentic Savannah. Most notably providing the bright, vibrant colors that are characteristic of the city, the handprinted signage and many of the city’s small businesses and establishments. 

With this body of work I wanted to focus on this side of Savannah - to cross socially constructed boundaries, and to ignore and fight stereotypes. At residential streets and local spots I photograph the people I come across. Geographically, Savannah's local residents and the mostly out-of-state student population, live in very close proximity, and yet it's as though they are worlds apart. With this project I intend to bridge the gap a little and document and explore a side of Savannah that deserves to be seen, and that might have remained undiscovered to me. 

My goal as an artist and a documentarian is to promote sympathy and understanding between people. My most genuine hope is for my work to inspire the point of view that all people, regardless of background or circumstances, can relate to one another and find beauty in both the things that they have in common and the things that make them unique.


Captured on 35mm color negative film

All photos © Caroline M Bailey. All Rights Reserved.